How to find stuff

Please use Browser Search or Scroll down.


cmd/crtl + mousewheel zoom in/out hold space pan crtl + w preview mode shift cmd m place images tab hide palettes cmd ; show/hide guides cmd r ruler cmd ' show/hide grid

insert lorem ipsum

add text box text -> insert filler text (to make it editable: right click -> expand)


double click on word to select word triple click to select line quadruple click to select paragraph shift & cmd & arrow keys for sentences

place images fast (photobook)

create image frames in master drag master onto spreads to apply then just place images into frames (while previewing) (or right click on image -> convert to picture frame)

hyperlinks and anchors

add hyperlinks

select text -> right click -> interactive -> insert hyperlink view -> studio -> hyperlinks (to see all in document)

text anchors

select text -> right click -> interactive -> insert anchor select text -> right click -> interactive -> insert hyperlink hyperlink type: anchor, select anchor

exporting PDF with links

file -> export -> PDF Preset: digital - small size click more button check include hyperlinks

history trees

in history panel, go back some steps and do some changes there will be a tree icon now click this icons to cycle between history trees file -> save History with document

layouting with 2 columns

find a master page view -> guides -> set 2 columns here then add a text frame view -> studio -> text frame -> set 2 columns here too

page numbers

in master page, add text field text -> insert -> fields -> page number

adding total page number (3 of 8)

in master page, click in page numbers text frame view -> studio -> fields -> document sections doubleclick on <Last Page in Run>


first add a shape then select fill tool and set gradient here

wrap text around object

draw shape over text text -> text wrap -> text wrap settings (maybe use another object, like ellipe to draw a round shape and then setting it transparent)


select PDF X4, it's the latest then click more button to get more specific...