How to find stuff

Please use Browser Search or Scroll down.


opt cmd R rotate right opt cmd L rotate left 1,2,3 star rating + - * color rating crt cmd F fullscreen c crop v exit crop p lupe m mask shift cmd c copy adjustment shift cmd v paste adjustment cmd L auto adjustment space pan option cmd v toggle grid view ------

project workflow

create new session, save it next to raw location session favourites -> add raw pics folder here create smart album for star selections then close all tabs except smart album

delete images

rating -> none -> right click on image -> move to session trash

1, 2, 3 star selections

session albums -> click plus -> smart album select rating -> is greater or equal then STaR


c crop v exit crop click outside of cropped area to cancel crop keep aspect ration -> select original from crop dropdown



click on WHEEL icon tab then process


file -> images -> variant then select PSD (tif gives weird process converter in PS...)

install styles

copy to here: Library -> Application Support -> Capture One -> styles

smooth skin tones

color editor -> skin tone tab click on pipette and then on skin then turn uniformity sliders up



magnifier icon tab -> sharpening click on hamburger icon -> choose a preset


in output tab -> adjustments -> sharpening


right click on image -> new variant (from scratch) or clone to keep edits