How to find stuff

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tab hide panels shift tab hide all panels cmd + [] rotate [] increase/decrease rating 1-5 rating with stars shift 1-5 speed rating with stars 6-9 color labels f5 toggle top panel f6 toggle bottom panel f7 toggle left panel f8 toggle right panel t toggle tool bar L lights out/ darken screen f full screen single image shift f app full screen +/- thumbnail size g grid view e single image z 100% view i imageinfo cmd+s save settings in xmp/dng (develop mode) c compare 2 images (after selecting 2..) n compare selection j in gridview, change info on thumbs f2 change name \ before/after image correction y split screen of before/after


file handling -> check build smart previews

filter selection

view -> show filter bar -> attribute then select stars to get selection or use filter bar directly over the thumbs

create collection

select images on left side -> Collections -> klick PLUS icon (maybe drag other from other folders into collection too)

copy/paste presets,styles

create style on one image click on COPY button (left side), set the settings then Library View -> select all -> right click -> Develop Settings -> Paste Settings or use SYNC button


develop -> click crop icon (right side, top) set aspect -> 1:1 for square usw to delete crop which was applied -> click RESET button (right)

set default crop factor

select all images in library -> quick develop -> set crop ratio now the default should be set

straiten photo

develop -> click crop icon (right side, top) then click on ruler (Angle) icon and drag along a line or click AUTO button in crop tool to straighten image very fast!

color corrections

select images -> Develop (click AUTO button) use histotgram -> click on clipping arrows to see highlight warning

white balance

shortcut w hover over image, while Navigator window is open to get preview

convert film negative

invert tone curve (change to linear first) (click AUTO, try with a couple of photos....) adjust whites, blacks, shadows usw adjust Carity, Vibrance, Saturation create even histogram with Highlights/shadows/whites/blacks save preset



select images -> Develop tab convert to B&W split toning -> increase saturation, then adjust hue do this for highlights AND shadows with yellowish tone


double click on slider to reset or use option + hover drag directly on the numbers to get a finer control

export lightroom settings/embed xmp

develop view -> cmd + s or develop view -> select all right click -> metadata -> save metadata to files

removing sensor dust spots

develop -> click spot removal icon (right side, top) check visualize spots to get more contrast then just click on spots


click export button -> change to tif, size too

create a web gallery

create collection select all -> click WEB tab layout style: grid gallery click Saved Web Gallery the web gallery is now saved under the Collection we can always come back later click Preview in Browser (left bottom) or Export (right bottom)

create blurb photobook

(not as cool as bookfactory) drag some photos in a collection select all -> click on BOOK tab

photo backup plans

Amazon Drive, unlimited storage Amazon prime, only for private use google business, 5$, unlimited cloud