How to find stuff

Please use Browser Search or Scroll down.


================================================ space drag cmd mousewheel zoom in/out cmd +/- zoom in/out crtl 0 100& view shift 9 zoom to fit all artboards/frames shift 2 zoom to fit selection (!) cmd + click directly select element click select grouped element v black arrow (select) k scale box r rectangle tool p pen tool l line tool o oval (circle) tool i color picker a artboard tool / frame tool crtl shift L lock/unlock layer crtl shift H hide/unhide layer shift R show rulers cmd ' pixel grid visible crtl g show layout grid cmd [] move object forward/backwards cmd / open menu, then enter command :D cmd \ hide panels cmd shift k place image cmd R rename layer crl shift e export crtl shift 3 outline mode cmd e flatten shapes c show/hide comments crtl shift ? show shortcut help ================================================

data merge, import excel data

create new artboard in figma and write textfields: #title #quantity #price #image copy this artboard several times create a google sheet with heading: title quantity price image ... fill it with data ... (for images just copy link) install google sheets sync plugin: right click -> plugins -> google sheets sync paste linke and sync


setting opacity

select object, use numbers like in photoshop


click in % box and use arrow keys and up/down

mask images with shapes

place an image add circle/path and move it beneath the image select both and click mask icon on top

place multiple images like in indesign

first drag rectangles shift cmd k -> select multiple images then just click on the rectangles to place them

if placing screenshots watch DPI and reduce:

mogrify * -resize 50% *.png


click on Frame -> then set Export options file -> export oder windowname/export (crtl shift e)

install figma in ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chrdevs/figma sudo apt update sudo apt install figma-linux -y figma-linux