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g single or all cmd t sidebar ein/ausblenden opt cmd R rotate right opt cmd L rotate left 1,2,3 star rating + - * color rating crt cmd F fullscreen c crop v exit crop p lupe m mask shift cmd c copy adjustment shift cmd v paste adjustment cmd L auto adjustment space pan option cmd v toggle grid view ------

CaptureOne editing JPG files

View -> global filters -> uncheck always hide JPG preferences -> image tab -> check JPG, PNG make sure the JPG has RGB color profile

bulk adding RGB color profile

cd /path/to/input_images/ mogrify -path /Desktop/output/ -colorspace sRGB -profile /Desktop/sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc *

project workflow

create new session, save it next to raw location session favourites -> add raw pics folder here create smart album for star selections then close all tabs except smart album

delete images

rating -> none -> right click on image -> move to session trash

1, 2, 3 star selections

session albums -> click plus -> smart album select rating -> is greater or equal then STaR


c crop v exit crop click outside of cropped area to cancel crop keep aspect ratio -> select original from crop dropdown

crop multiple images to square 1:1 ratio

select crop tool in left side panel Ratio: 1x1 (Square) Size: 13.33 X 13.33 (press enter) hold ALT and click copied settings icon (arrow in tool) then select some (uncropped) images click Apply Button (arrow on top right menubar)



click on WHEEL icon tab then process


file -> images -> variant then select PSD (tif gives weird process converter in PS...)

install styles

copy to here: Library -> Application Support -> Capture One -> styles

smooth skin tones

color editor -> skin tone tab click on pipette and then on skin then turn uniformity sliders up



magnifier icon tab -> sharpening click on hamburger icon -> choose a preset


in output tab -> adjustments -> sharpening


right click on image -> new variant (from scratch) or clone to keep edits