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When to use 3D?

Stuck with costs for photo shoots & retouching?
Do you need to increase your market share?


Marketing or business managers contact me, if they are frustrated with the creation process of their current visuals or if they are searching for a truly integrated workflow for the creation of 3d visuals with consistent lighting and color reproduction. Starting from a product agnostic viewpoint, the best-fit technique for your particular product application and channel is chosen. Clients tell me my renderings made them much more competitive.

Digital Packshots

3D Reference Projects

True Artist

“Helping companies with 3D-imagery is Kristian’s passion, and he managed to improve our client presentations.” Yvonne S., Zürich

Top Visuals

“Kristian has, without question, the most professional, polished and artistic visuals in the business. His renderings are becoming our key visuals.” Joseph R., Brugg

Successful packshots!

“Kristian was able to maximize the success of our packshots and at the same time increase customer satisfaction." Susanna S., Lenzburg

To the last detail!

“Kristian rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty working with your samples; don’t be surprised to find him analyzing your product and observing its material properties.” Walter D., Aarau

Super fast!

"No one plans visuals better or responds faster than Kristian. It is his specialty." Hans-Dieter N., Luzern

Great 3d visualizations!

"Kristian's 3D visualizations are just great. The product packaging has been converted exactly and photorealistically into 3d." Dario O., Reinach

Top Value!

"Kristian was fast, responsive and I would recommend him to anyone." Anno S., Köln (DE)

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