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cmd/crtl + mousewheel zoom in/out hold space pan l lasso tool (shift for straigh lines) crtl+j duplicate layer c crop tool crtl alt i resize image cmd [] move object to front/back D black/white colors X invert default colors

portrait retouching with frequency separation

first separate image

filter -> frequency separation radius: 2px

remove spots

use inpainting brush on low frequency layer

soften skin pores

select high frequency layer layer -> new live filter layer -> blur -> gaussian blur radius: 2px (or less, until skin pores dissapear!) select the gaussian blur layer edit -> fill (black) select paint brush tool, set to white color then paint on large skin areas, avoid eyes/hair/mouth set opacity of gaussian blur layer to 50%

remove large blemishes

layer -> new layer select inpainting brush tool and paint set to current layer and below set opacity of layer to 50%

sharpen image

duplicate layer (crtl + j) name it sharpen set blending mode to Hard Light filters -> sharpen -> high pass adjust radius: 3px (uncheck Background Layer, so only the grey sharpen layer is visible) select paint brush tool set color to 50% grey (L: 50) paint over flat areas that don't need sharpening

quickly adjust colours

HSL adjustment layer select a color range, then change saturation to grey to see affected parts

offset filter for textures

first crop with 1:1 ratio layer -> rasterize and trim filters -> distort -> affine offset: 50% to get rid of seam: make selections of middle stripe (cross) (use marquee tool in Add mode) edit -> inpaint

select trees or hair

use selection brush tool (w) to make a basic selection then click refine button use ] to increase cursor size, then click on areas to let the tool refine the selection click on foreground/background to add/remove more parts

edit selections

(make a selection) press q to enter quick mask mode then press v to go into edit mode

to get mouse wheel zoom

affinity photo -> settings -> tools uncheck all check use 'scrubby zoom' check syncronise tools...

spot removal, clone stamp

select inpainting brush tool (it works similar like spot removal tool in capture one, but not limited to 100 spots)