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make adjustment layers in vegas

insert another video track on top: name it adjustment layer collapse the layer (first little icon) click on track effects -> add FX drag "Composite" on top before "FX"

particle wipe (requires bcc)

right click -> insert video track right click -> insert text media write somehting using bold large font name this track title duplicate track and name it particle on particle track -> add FX -> BCC Particle Array 3D Render -> anti ALIASING: none uncheck particle intersection uncheck Use Build in Lights Particles -> Particle Shape -> Image Collection Transform System: Rotate Y just a little bit, until we see the planes Array -> Num Particles Z: 2 Scale Z: move them really close together Transform System: Rotate Y: move it back to 0 Array -> Scale X: hold down shift, then scale up to screen width! Scale Y: also scale up to screen height! Num Particles X: hold down shift, then add ca. 130! Num Particles Y: add ca. 70! Particles -> Particle Color: Layer XY Dispersion -> Disperse Master: hold down shift and scale up to 330 Control map 1 -> Apply to: DisperseEffect Wipe Control: Left to Right Wipe progress: 100 then click on clock icon add a keyframe at beginning with 100% (wipe progress) add another keyframe at middle with 0% Fractal Noise -> Amplitude: ca. 600 Noise Freq: ca. 75 Auto Evolve Speed: ca. 36 Control map 2 -> Apply to: Fractal Noise Map Wipe control: Left to Right Wipe progress: 100, click animation icon next to it add a keyframe at beginning with 100% (wipe progress) add another keyframe at middle with 0% shift -> shift X: hold shift and decrease until off the screen, ca. -1000 Control map 3 -> Apply to: Shift Effect Wipe Control: Left to Right Wipe progress: 100, click animation icon next to it add a keyframe at beginning with 100% (wipe progress) add another keyframe at middle with 0% on particle track -> add FX -> BCC Linear Wipe Animation: Manual Direction: 90 (from right to left) a bit of softness on the edge in timeline find the spot when the last letter appears clearly press m to drop a marker find the spot where all letters appear clear, set a marker create a wipe between those to markers first marker: Wipe amount ca 53 second marker: Wipe amount ca -60 on title track -> add FX -> FCC Linear Wipe animation: Manual Direction: -90 (from left to right) a bit of softness on the edge put the cursor on the first marker click on clock icon next to Wipe Amount on particle track -> click FX -> BCC particle Render -> Motion blur: smooth insert another video track on top: name it adjustment layer collapse the layer (first little icon) click on track effects -> add BCC film glow drag "Composite" on top before "BCC Film Glow" set first keyframe on second marker, with default glow intensity set second keyframe some seconds later with 0 glow intensity click on track effects -> add BCC glint drag "Composite" on top before "BCC glint" animate glint threshold (more or less stars) animate glint angle (rotation of the stars) animate brightness (turn down at the end)


motion tracking

easy way

create 2 video tracks, one with movements and one with type select bg layer, click Compositing Mode (icon auf dem layer) -> custom (move cursor to beginning to movie) OXF -> BCC match move -> Add -> OK Open Tab Motion tracker check Track On-the-Fly Sub-pixel Accuracy: 1:2 Open Tab Tracker Center KF position the dot (hold crtl) adjust loop region (yellow triangles) to fit whole range goto beginning of movie shift + b (tools -> build dynamic ram preview) when it stops, goto 1 frame before message then drag loop region with beginning triangle to the current pos click clear render cache click on big movie preview shift + b when done, uncheck Track on-the-Fly Match Move tab -> MM Foreground -> Source B (place bg layer on top, object layer on bottom) if there are more objects, just place it under the bg layer, any object under it will be moved too

for effects

move cursor to beginning of clip on the bg clip, select Event FX select BBC sparks motion tracker tab (scroll down) check Track-on-the-fly the open Tracker Center KF adjust the target (hold crtl for fine tuning) set target width + search width play back the movie uncheck Track On-the-Fly apply -> Producer XY



in Explorer oder Project Media look for "progressive" then in project settings (file -> properties), change field order to None Deinterlace method: None

insert markers

insert marker with "m" press number keys to navigate to scene '1' '2'

flip video

click pan/crop icon -> rightclick! settings temporary paths to hyperdrive

sony dvd architect

create single file, instant play DVD set tmp: options -> preferences -> burning -> set tmp drive file -> new -> first (crop it if black border!) select vegas render click PREVIEW to check click MAKE DVD to finish


ungroup: select both -> crtl + u group: select both -> crtl + g


levels envelopes right click on audio track (vorn!) -> insert -> volume to change color: view -> audio enveloppes -> V automation adjusting volume/panning while playback click the wheel -> hit play -> adjust volume and keyframes are generated! edit sound open as copy in sound forge

speedup slow/fast

rightclick on clip -> properties -> lock to stretch resize clip (ev crtl + click on end)


preferences -> uncheck everything that isnt needed (for example media manager)

no more split movie at import

Look at the HD Capture window. Click PREFS. It's a button on the upper left side. Once you click that there are only like 3 tabs. On the first tab go all the way to the bottom and uncheck scene detection.

insert type

- rightclick new video track, rightclick insert type - use keyframing to change the text!

import dvd

file -> import -> capture dvd camcoder disc new project 720 x 486 (ntsc standard)

change playback speed

- rightclick -> properties -> 4.0 4 times faster! - or crtl + trim ... if wave then playback time was changed

create google earth zoom

- download google earth and fraps - record zooming out in google earth! - start and stop recording in fraps with F9


move audio separately from video, right click -> groups -> clear

masking, custom paths

- click on "event pan/crop" button (it's at the end of the track) - click "mask" (unten) - create mask with anchors - to reset mask, right click -> reset

insert logo (a bug) from photoshop

- create transparent PSD file with logo in photoshop - open it in vegas, insert new track on top, add logo to track - then click "track motion" button on the track, and scale logo - click on topline of the track to constantly reduce opacity

workflow with cutting

- first open clip in trimmer, make selection and hit CREATE SUBCLICK icon - then go to PROJECT MEDIA and find this clip and insert it onto the track!

export settings

- render as: - Quicktime7, Template: 3Mbps - Custom settings: Video -> Frame Size -> (High Definition) 1280x720, Quality: 100%, datarate 800kb

reduce camera shake, mercalli settings

- select "handycam: watched action scenery" - camera balance: with ligher delay - camera stabilization, smooth or stable: how much cropping? 70% very cropped, 50% minimal, check all frames of scene to determin setting, just need to render it once :-) - border area: without border (upscaled)

selective color

- videoFX -> color corrector (secondary) - check invert mask - bring saturation down - click select effect range - select blue - play with sliders in luminance, saturation and center channels - low down, high up!

crop to dv

- find crop button in the movie timeline! - source: maintain aspect: set to no

youtube HD settings

- file -> project properties -> HDV 720-30p (1280x720,29.970 fps) - file -> render as -> Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv) - -> template: 6 Mbps HD 720-30p Video - -> costum settings: - project tab: video rendering quality best - video tab: video smoothness: 100

black window! and no preview!

- major screw up! because of new quicktime installation? - deinstall quicktime and reinstall an older quicktime version!