How to find stuff

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cmd/crtl + mousewheel zoom in/out hold space pan cmd j power duplicating cmd [] move object to front/back \ clip artboard cmd+ l lock object shift cmd unlock object cmd + enter convert to outlines cmd + ; show/hide guides cmd + ' show/hide grid D black/white colors X invert default colors

tab stops

view -> studio -> paragraph tab stops -> add some change alignment to right

grid settings

(no baselinegrid in designer, only publisher) view -> grid and axis manager spacing: 12mm divisions: 2

import sketch files

(geht nur auf MAC) open sketch file in sketch select artboard -> copy (cmd - c) (one artboard at the time) in affinity designer -> file -> new from clipboard

join path

select two paths right click -> geometry -> merge curves

break, split path

double click on path select point -> top menu bar Action -> find break icon

Figma to affinity

export as PDF and when if text, SVG set no outlines when exporting

masking, clipping mask


just add shape then drag photo underneath in layers panel (it will be clipped automatically)


draw circle press insert inside the selection button (top left) then paste photo or object to be clipped

setting shortcuts

preferences -> keyboard shortcuts then find menu item and set shortcut Layer -> Hide: crtl h

set favourite fonts

character palette -> dropdown: all then check the heart next to each font to make a selection now they will be in favourites

clip artboards

view -> view mode -> clip to canvas shortcut: \ (w in indesign)

synchronise defaults

select element (like text box or shape) click synchronise defaults button to set default new elements will now have same style

power duplicate

cmd drag to duplicate then while still selected press cmd j multiple times


choose export persona find slices panel (next to layers panel) drag it to other side export all at once: find export slices button at bottom of slices panel (check continuous to have them updated automatically when changes are made!)